Hello.................. It's only me!!!

I don't use this thing very much do I, I have thought about just removing the account as I really don't tend to remember it's here even.
Anyway thanks to a nudge from a friend.... here you go a post from me, I mostly don't have anything of worth to talk about on here, well nothing that I could ever imagine anyone would want to read about, so this could be the only post I make for a while again.
I am going to attempt to just put little reviews of stuff I've been to see, but I like a lot of what some people might see as not very intellectual etc but know what I like it. It's fluff as you might like to call it. I like it, entertainment is for everyone and well if we all liked the same thing how very dull life would be.
Also forgive my dreadful grammar.... I am not very good with English, it bored me rigid at school I'm more of a mathematical person (well unless I am dealing with money then I seem to become bad at that too).
So a little review, I went to see Sweeney Todd night. We kinda fancied it but were quite late at getting tickets. Just as well though as we managed to get some freebies from a friend of my sisters. The lead was none other than Jason Donovan and Harriet Thorpe who was driving me mad as I knew her face all through the show and couldn't quite place it. She was in Ab Fab but I know her more from The Brittas Empire. Anyway, admittedly I didn't really know much about the story, just the general outline of Barber who murdered people. Me and Lorraine we a little bemused through most of the first half... we weren't quite sure what was going on there was an almost manicness about the play that was a little lost on us. It was pretty surreal to put it mildly. It got to the closing act of the first half and thats when it all started making sense (well as much sense as a story about a murdering barber can make). The second half was equally as manic but made sense now.
Anyway Jason Donovan was surprisingly good in it, completely forgot it was him we were watching for most of it. There were a couple of dodgy bits, and one in particular made us and some people on the other side of the aisle laugh too for how bad it was (It was not meant to be a funny scene BTW).
Was an enjoyable evening out anyway, don't think I'd rush to go see it again though.
I don't have very much in the way of gigs or theatre trips coming up in the next couple of months(too much studying to be doing :( ) but you never know i tend to change my mind about stuff at the last minute. I am however off to Barcelona the first week in April so might get around to a post about that when I get back.......
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Bored Now.... Again

OK, I know I never update this, but saying as I'm in an avoiding doing any studying place thought I'd just ramble a bit.
Yep I have exams in a week and a coursework due in on Monday... coursework it's going to be a miracle if it makes it in on Monday. Exams at the moment I could scrape a pass in one of them the other I really haven't a snowballs hope in hell of passing really. You'd think being a bit older and well i would say wiser but nope obviously that aint true, I'd not have left it all to the last minute. All I can do now is my best. Thing is I'm understanding what I'm reading, there is just probably way too much to learn in the space of time I have eeek.
Reason why I left it all to the last minute, well I been having way too much fun over the last 4 months to have time to be studying properly that plus my quiet little job went a bit mental for 2 months :S.
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Oh My Goodness....

I just have to share this as I am soooooo totally Hyper now

OK don't slate me but I have been a fan of a certain Scottish band for years... I know they aint cool, but I don't care I love em. Now they got back together this year, so now you should all know who I am talking about.

Anyway Radio Clyde (our local station) are giving away tix for a secret warm up gig coz apparently they are a little rusty LOL, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would even get through on the phone let alone WIN...... and Oh my God I did, have hardly slept at all.
No idea why this band still get this reaction from me, and if any of you are the poor people who heard me last night sorry and ooops LOL I tried hard to be calm, but it just didn't work.
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not a lot

OK.... been quiet again for a while, working hard. not so much playing been going on unfortunately, mostly due to becoming hopelessly hooked on Big Brother again. Not that I don't go out or anything because it's on... I just don't seem to get as much done in the evenings because I end up stopping to watch it.
Deliberately not putting the TV on tonight... although it's Sunday and there aint much on anyway LOL. So have made it to the point I've replied to all my e-mails.. well 1 still to go, and can actually update this.
Finding smhwpf reports back from Palestine really interesting (for want of a better word) makes me realise how much I don't take notice of the news half the time to be honest, I'm quite embarrassed to admit I didn't realise exactly what has been going on out there. Also makes you realise just how lucky we are, and how silly some of the things we get upset about are too.... Must try and be a little more patient with people this week.
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It's Friday.....

I know I'm terrible at updating this thing... but I have been kinda busy, mostly work and then I get home and the last thing I want to spend any time on is my PC. I tend to pick up my mail, chat to some friends on messenger then I've had enough.

Anyway reason for having some time tonight... doing my parents a favour and checking their house is OK while they are off on holiday, suits me I get peace and quiet and free food for the weekend. Yipeeee

Been a weird week at work.... felt quite abandoned at the beginning of the week, Boss is on holiday and the guy I've been working with for the last few years left on Friday. It's not that I need them there to do my work, I can get on and get plenty done on my own, but it's nice to have a familiar person to chat to, the new guy seems really enthusiatic though, and not weird in any way... believe me when I say the number of odd people I've worked with would astound you.

Anyway I'm off to be very sad and watch Big Brother.... still not sure what I think of it this year... I go from one minute thinking they have gone too far and it's really not something I want to waste my time watching... to hehehe this is hilarious where did they find these folk!!!

Hey Ho

Well, I really am terrible at keeping this up to date. I'm not gonna kid on any more this will probably only get up dated once a week, if I'm lucky. Although this is the longest I've ever kept any kind of Journal.

OK so this week has been pretty quiet again. Been to see a good few movies though, Gothika which to be honest wasn't as good as we had expected, I felt the trailers made it out to be a psychological thriller, but it was more of a ake you jump kind of film and well it didn't make me jump at all. Which when you consider Shaun of the Dead did really makes you wonder.
Next Film was MOnster, I can't recommend that film enough. It was amazing fantasticly acted, I ususally find Christina Ricci a little wooden and can't take to the characters she plays, but she is great in this, and well Charlize Theron plays the part amazingly.
Then finally Shaun of The Dead, not a film I would go out of may to watch normally, but it did look pretty funny from the trailers and saying as I have one of those 'go as many times as you like to the cinema cards' for a small fee a month. I thought I would. And it was funnier than I expected and I wuld even go back and see it again.

Still trying to decorate the Lounge. I've had to put everything back into the room. But it's only really the window and Door that still need done. Have to leave it until next weekend now though.
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Decorating blues

OK, SO I fell for the classic bank holiday bug of decorating..... and right now aaarrrrgggghhhhhh,

Been at this all day and so far I have about 2 thirds or the walls done and the ceiling, sounds good eh!! but no unfortuantely not this is only the first coat of waht is looking like a 3 coat job. and don't even want to think about the skirting board and uneccessary amount of wood there is in this room. You see I live in an old Glasgow Tenement building and this means that not only do you fear for your life when painting the ceiling because it's about 10 ft up, but there is also a lot of panneling around the windows and nearly 1 ft deep skirting boards... so you see much much wood to be painted.

Just needed to get that off my chest there, to be honest once it's done it'll look a milion times better. Most amusing thing today was me and my sister had decided that a gap between the ceiling and the wall (that's another story about what happened there) could be filled using that expanding foam stuff, well we kinda didn't take the effects of gravity in really LOL, I put some in and it proceeded to fall out onto the floor slowly over the next 15 minutes with us desperatly trying to catch it before it hit the floor, we had run out of newspaper by this point and the plastic sheeting didn't want to stay..... was really like something out of a bad sit com.

Needless to say a trip to B&Q and some ready mixed plaster seemed to work a whole lot better now I think about it.

I'm not very good at this DIY stuff, I always think yeah no problem I can do that never ever works though.... anyway better get back to it for a little bit..... really want to finish this first coat before I go to bed.
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well OK so I'm not very good at keeping this up to date. bad me, I have started paper diary's many times and never get any further than a couple of entries so why I thought I might keep this up to date I have no idea.

Today was quite stressful, but only coz I got myself tied up in knots about something..... it's all sorted now though just me thinking too much again really.

So now I'm going to play around with my little website I'm creating and then maybe watch a bit of tele, then bed I suppose.
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Monday, Monday

I'm in a serious can't be annoyed mood at the moment, hence the reason for not filling this in for a while, but it's Monday so might as well try and start the week positive HAHA

It may just be becasue there is only me in my department this week, tis very quiet in my little corner of the office.

Anyway off to play around some more with my daft little web site I've been playing around with.
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Well that's Monday over, never been a fan of Mondays.

Was a very quiet day at work so carried on trying to teach myself how to use a new programming language. Although considering it's been so long since I did any programming well it's turning out to be a very long process.

Day passed quietly though so can't complain, got home had my dinner cooked for me for a shocking 3rd day in a row... my sister has finally figured out the cooker is meant fro more than chips and cheese on toast yipeeee!!!!

Decided I would join her for a swim tonight, she has been on at me for weeks so gave in tonight and although I'm not exhausted and know I'll be in pain tomorrow I feel quite refreshed at the same time.

Now I'm going to put the telly on and watch Ally McBeal while I wait for the washing to finish.
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